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Aquatec Scub-Alert Uderwater Signaling Device

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This is the updated version of the Sub Alert (also marketed as the Sub-Duck) by Aquatec. Innovative Scuba Concepts is the exclusive subdistributor of this improved safety device which has been redesigned and upgraded. Works underwater and on the surface, 120 dB volume. Button design allows easy activation. Connects in-line between the L/P inflator hose and your power inflator.


Scuba-Alert Standard… SP0280
Fits all styles of BCs except if fitted with the a breathable type inflator.

Scuba-Alert (Type II)… SP0281
Fits Sherwood Gemini, Tusa Duo-Air, DiveRite RiteSource, H2Odyssea Inflator plus, Zeagle Octo-Z, Atomic SS1, Scuba Pro Air II.

Scuba-Alert (Type III)… SP0282
Fits Aeris Air Link, Oceanic Air XS2, Zeagle Octo, Aqualung Air Mic, Seaquest Air Source, Apeks Octo, Beuchat Venturi.